A Case Of Depression

A Case of Depression

Depression and medication

This case illustrates several issues I run across frequently. A woman in her ‘40’s, taking anti-depressant medication for many years. Believes her depression began sometime after puberty. Started on anti-depressants by her late teens and has been on ever since. Things got worse during and after a pregnancy. She developed sleep problems and needed more medications.

She made several unsuccessful attempts to discontinue the medication, without the support of her physician. The physician told her she would always need these medications.

What is the truth? I believe it’s this: yes she will always need these medications if she continues to be a passive consumer of medical treatment and takes no responsibility for her own health and wellness. However, if she is willing to learn about proper diet and nutritional supplementation, to check into her hormone health – adrenals, thyroid and others – most likely, with the help of neurofeeback she can successfully live a life free of medication.

In this case she is very motivated and aware. A few years ago she changed her diet to emphasize high quality proteins, vegetables and fats, and reduced the level of carbohydrates. On my advice she began to take sufficient amounts of Omega-3 supplements, Magnesium and B-vitamins. She will have her adrenal hormones checked and if necessary will use a supplement such as AdrenaCalm by Apex, to reduce levels of excess cortisol. Rhodiola and ashwagandha are also useful in cortisol control.

She has reduced the dosage of antidepressant to an absolute minimum and plans to discontinue altogether in a few weeks. Her sleep has improved thanks to the neurofeedback. I believe she will be successful. I’ll report back on this soon.

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