How to reduce or eliminate the need for psychoactive meds

How to reduce or eliminate the need for psychoactive meds

How to reduce dependency on medications for sleep, anxiety, and depression.

NOTE: this does not constitute medical advice; consult your physician, etc. Don’t rush, be cautious.

Stabilize your nervous system with nutritional supplements:

Omega-3, 2-3 grams total/day. Read the ingredients to make sure you’re getting enough. NOW brand Ultra Omega-3 is more concentrated so you only need 4/day

Magnesium threonate gets through to the brain more effectively than other forms of magnesium. You need 4-600 mg./day

A good vitamin B complex such as NOW coenzyme-B or Country Life coenzyme-B complex

An amino acid mixture called Ultra Bliss (good name) is very effective in reducing anxiety, improving sleep and lifting the mood. Start with ¼ tsp, see what happens, increase to ½ to 1 tsp a day as needed. Every 3-4 days, skip a day. Main ingredient is a form of GABA that crosses the blood-brain barrier more effectively than the standard form. This is known as phenyl-butryl GABA.

After a week you should be able to begin tapering off your medication, with your physician’s guidance of course.

Neurofeedback will greatly help achieving stability through this process. In particular it will remediat the problems that led to the need for the medication in the first place so that you are returning to a greatly improved position.

Millions of people are addicted to, (the medical people prefer the term “dependent on”), benzodiazepines and many have given up hope of release from this addiction. This is a very serious biochemical dependency. You’d think physicians would be more judicious in prescribing these medications that can lead to lifetime addiction. However, with the program listed above, along with neurofeedback, patience and discipline, most people can achieve relief and return to a life free of dependency on psychoactive medication. If your own physician is not responding to your desires to eliminate your addiction, and you want to work under the guidance of a qualified physician, you may want to consult a physician who specializes in addictions. Most deal with addictions to prescription as well as street drugs and will have a program for benzodiazepines. Look up ASAM – American Society of Addiction Medicine. Typically they will introduce a less addictive drug, such as Neurontin, or a barbiturate, to assist the tapering off the benzodiazapine.

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