Progress Reports 2

Progress Reports 2

I’m going to try to fulfill my original intention with this blog: frequent entries briefly reporting on the results I see in my practice, without going into too much detail.

Here are a few:

A pre-teen boy suffering from severe anxiety he feels in the pit of his stomach following a traumatic experience several years ago. After one session the anxiety diminishes. After two it diminishes further.

A woman who has always had some degree of constipation following an abusive childhood involving forced enemas. After several sessions she is experiencing, for the first time in her life, some relief on this issue.

Seven year old girl who screams and has tantrums when she’s upset. After one session, parents reported she used words instead of having a tantrum on one occasion – very unusual.

A woman who, for most of her adult life, has experienced obsessive negative thoughts, has experienced considerable relief after about 20 sessions.

A teenage girl with trouble calming down, getting to sleep and focusing in school has experienced significant improvement in all three areas following ten sessions. Mood is more stable as well.

A boy who had frequent problems bedwetting and sleepwalking has had far fewer incidents after 4 sessions.

A woman with extreme anxiety related to possible health problems experiences a reduction of anxiety and improved understanding of her health condition after about 6 sessions.

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