All people – adults and children, males and females – may have difficulty managing anger and frustration. Some people lash out in anger, others simmer quietly; people of all ages may have temper tantrums. Many people have little ability to tolerate frustration or adversity and react in a variety of ways.

In all cases, people are over-reacting and unable to control themselves appropriately. Oppositional disorder in children is just one example of what is usually a larger picture. These difficulties have generally been thought of as psychological, or in the person’s personality. Like, ADHD, though, in many cases they may be more a problem of brain functioning.

Neurofeedback is highly effective in improving all areas of anger management in ages ranging from toddlers to elders: after a number of sessions we would expect a decrease in emotional reactivity, fewer and less intense temper tantrums, improved ability to tolerate frustration and conflict, and in general improved self-control.

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