Student | Stress | Anxiety


Campus life is hectic with rigorous amounts of studying and complex assignments to complete under a tight deadline. It can create feelings of stress and fatigue, which can in turn affect sleep patterns and raise anxiety. Fortunately, there is relief!

If You Are Suffering From:

Can’t Concentrate ♦

Sleep Problems ♦

♦ Anxiety

♦ Low Energy

Neurofeedback can make
a world of difference

It is the most effective non-prescription solution for these difficulties. What’s more is you will feel the effects after the first session!

 Just a few sessions (8-10) is all that’s needed.

 Special student rates:

 $75/ session

 1/2 off first session

 You will see right away what neurofeedback can do for you.

 For groups of 4 or more, I can administer sessions at a convenient location of your choosing.

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