Progress Reports 3

Progress Reports 3

7 year old boy, problems with bedwetting, waiting until it’s too late to get to the bathroom during the day, and anger management at school has experienced almost complete improvement in all areas after 8 sessions.

A woman who was a very light sleeper, waking up many times during the night, and problems focusing at work, has experienced complete improvement in both areas after 8 sessions. Is satisfied with both.

A woman with a very traumatic childhood began having serious sleep problems. Also long-standing problems with anger, hypersensitivity, reactivity. Sleep problems improved rapidly. She also experienced relief from her long-standing anger and hypersensitivity after a few sessions. Can deal with anger more constructively. Feels she’s restoring her true personality, free from the blocked anger and reactivity.

A woman with perennial depression and irritability, especially during PMS time, has experienced significant lifting and stabilizing of her mood after 6 sessions. Memory problems she experienced, most likely due to stress, have diminished.

Teenage girl with problems falling and staying asleep, focusing at school, mood instability, has experienced significant improvement in all areas after 8 sessions. Has discontinued ADHD medication yet is doing better than before at school.

A woman with several brain injuries resulting in longstanding cognitive impairments (reading retention, verbal expression, concentration, memory, scattered thoughts) and sleep problems has experienced significant improvement in all respects after 20 sessions. Work is ongoing.

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