Welcome to the amazing world of neurofeedback. This new development in our ability to heal ourselves is not only a treatment modality but is a window to an entirely new terrain: brain functioning as a unified system.

This blog will have two purposes. One will be simply to report on what I see in my practice; what neurofeedback does. The second will be to offer thoughts on the significance of what we see especially in relation to the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

With regard to the first, I want to say a word about the value of this type of reporting. It does not claim to have the status of scientific research. It does not claim to provide proof of what neurofeedback can do. It simply will report on what I, a single practitioner, see in my office. While scientific researchers often dismiss this type of report as “merely anecdotal” I would remind them that all science, and all advances in human knowledge begin with open eyes and an open mind. I hope these reports will be taken in this spirit.

For me, the amazing results I get with neurofeedback would be satisfaction enough, but even more intriguing is that I believe it is the start of an entirely new science. The territory of this new science lies between neurology and psychology: the science of brain functioning. By brain functioning I mean an integral system of energetic and temporal relations.

Neurofeedback practitioners are like early explorers on this new terrain.

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